Juana’s Wreaths

Our good friend Juana Cortes is going to be selling wreaths again this year during the holidays.  We have known Juana for several years through the food pantry.  She has been a blessing to many.  Juana cares for her elderly father full-time who three years ago had a stroke and heart attack.  Selling wreaths during Christmas is one way she is able to stay near her father and earn some money to pay the bills.


This year, Juana has allowed us to help her with her business structure.  Juana is awesome at making wreaths, they really are amazing, but she does not have a computer or internet access.  A group of us are working together to tap into social media and other contacts to increase her sales and productivity.  In return Juana is going to donate a percentage of each sale to the Jubilee Food Pantry.  So by purchasing wreaths, you can not only help Juana, but you can also help others in the community who are in need of food assistance during the holidays.

For more information, see the website we have set up for her:


Community Garden Clean Up Day

Thank you to North Marion Fellowship for helping us clean up the Jubilee Community Garden today. We had a wonderful growing season, but with the leaves dropping along with the temperature, a clean up was in order. Here are some pictures of our clean up.







MTI Dental Van . . . coming this October!


The Jubilee Food Pantry is once again partnering with the Medical Teams International (MTI) dental van.  The dental van provides free dental care for patients who are in need of dental procedures and are economically in need.

When: Friday, October 10th

Where: Zion Mennonite Church, 6124 S. Whiskey Hill Rd., Hubbard, OR

Interviews will take place at the Jubilee Food Pantry between 4-7pm on Tuesday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 30th.   No appointment for an interview is necessary.  Patients will be chosen on a “need” basis.  Below is how patients will be prioritized:

  1. Those with known infection (been to a doctor for pain or swelling, have taken antibiotics for a tooth/teeth) an acute toothache, or swelling.
  2. Very sensitive teeth to cold sweets, even sensitive to hot foods. Pain with chewing action.
  3. Somewhat sensitive tooth to cold and sweets, or obvious decay.
  4. No pain now or in the past, but obvious decay.


The MTI dental van primarily deals with the above dental issues.  If you are in need of a basic cleaning, both Chemeketa Community College and Portland Community College offer inexpensive teeth cleaning at their dental hygiene training schools.

Chemeketa Community College – 503-584-7101

Portland Community College – 503-977-4909

If you need more information, please feel free to call:

(English) Andy – 503-819-5941

(Spanish) Raul – 503-989-9036

A Beautiful Sign

Ken Kaufman, who attends Zion Mennonite with us, constructed this sign out of scraps of metal for the Jubilee Community Garden.  It is modeled after the JFP logo that was made for us back in 2010:


Here is the sign:


I think Ken did a wonderful job of not only making something beautiful, but something that represents our hearts accurately: Broken pieces of metal formed together to make something of strength and substance.  Thank you Ken!

Jubilee Community Garden Work Party

What a beautiful day for a work party!

We cleaned the garden up, weeded the raised beds and the pathways, set up the bean poles and tomato cages, and added 3.5 yards of soil blend.  There is something refreshing and renewing about planting a garden in the spring, digging in the soil, tilling the dirt until it turns a rich dark color, knowing that someday soon it will be producing something that tastes wonderful and fills our bellies.

We have 5 of the six plots filled, so there is still some room left if you are interested.  This year’s gardeners are: Armando and Norma, Reuben and Celina, Blanca, Annie and Mark and Serenity and I of course, with all of our children.  The garden was full of giggles and children digging in the dirt, a wonderful combination.  A total of 14 children tromped through the soil with shovels in hand, pulling weeds and tying up bean poles.  It is great to work with smiling children.  We even had a cat come by to see what the commotion was all about. A special thank you to Karen and Wendell for your hard work today as well!


Avery, Eva, Luci and Ally amazed at the amount of weeds that have already popped up this spring (the “Before” Shot)


The most beautiful gardener!


The Coulombe’s and Lopez’s + Fernando :)


Mark and Annie chatting with Serenity.


“The Boys” (Pancho, Fernando and Avery) finishing off the soil pile.


Serenity and Norma talkin’ bout onions.


Wendell and Reuben.


Norma and family.


Mark and Annie’s square foot gardening technique.


Luci getting in on the work.


Jubilee Community Garden 2014


The “After” Shot

Jubilee Community Garden – 2014

We are beginning to take applications (direct link here) for the 2014 Jubilee Community Garden.  If you live in Hubbard and you are interested in (1) growing your own food, and (2) helping those in the community who are in need of good food, please consider being a part of the JCG.

For more information click on the “Garden” link at the top of the page.


Intentional Christian Community

Intentional Christian Community

As many of you know, we have made the decision as a family to seek intentional Christian community with Raul and Megan Gomez and their three children. Some of you may be wondering what intentional Christian community exactly is. Well, wikipedia does a good job of defining ICC:

“Christian intentional communities are usually composed of those wanting to emulate the practices of the earliest believers. Using the biblical book of Acts (and, often, the Sermon on the Mount) as a model, members of these communities strive for a practical outworking of their individual faith in a corporate context. These Christian intentional communities attempt to live out the teachings of the New Testament and practice lives of compassion and hospitality.”

Basically we have committed to moving in together, sharing meals, sharing prayer and worship and possibly sharing finances in a “thicker” community than we are used to in our traditional American neighborhoods. Ultimately we are sharing a community vision and mission with the Jubilee Food Pantry at it’s core.

We are looking into purchasing the building above. It is located in the center of Hubbard on 3rd and “D” St. It was built in 1890 and was originally the town pharmacy as well as at one point a Mennonite school. It is 4000 sq ft (2000 on the 1st floor and 2000 on the 2nd floor). It has 6-8 rooms upstairs where we would have our community space and an open space on the 1st floor where we would have the “larger” community space of the food pantry among other things. The building is raw. . . basically a shell with a new roof and foundation. Needless to say, it needs a lot of work. But we have begun to dream about this space: free dental and medical clinics, free legal advice for undocumented immigrants, community potlucks once a week. This is only the beginning.

The lot next door to this property is also for sale and we are eyeing it for a possible garden to help sustain our families as well supplementing the food pantry.

Let us dream together!


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