Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month between 4-7pm the JFP is open to folks in Hubbard and the surrounding communities.  See our locations page for an address and a map to the house.

We want folks who come for food to feel welcomed and to be lifted up with dignity and love.  The JFP has shelves stocked with non-perishables such as canned fruit, vegetables, meats, and soups, as well as bag pastas, bag rice, and bag beans.  The JFP freezer is also stocked with breads and an assortment of pastries.  Fresh seasonal produce is provided by local farms. We also have diapers, and wipes when available.  All food and other items are chosen by our guests.  Folks are not simply handed a bag full of food that they may or may not enjoy eating.

So, if you (or even a friend or neighbor) need a sack of groceries, stop on by!

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