Jubilee Community Garden Work Day

We got our hands dirty this past Saturday at the community garden constructing new pathways.  It was a replacement crew since we had originally planned for a group of high school students from Woodburn to come out and work.  Since part of the school was burned down, all field trips had been cancelled.  It was a mix of workers: Grace Chapel young adults, others from Grace Chapel (who happened to be young and adult), North Marion Fellowship and Christ Baptist members, a few of my teaching colleagues and even a few students.

The pathways look great, thanks for your hard work everyone!


JFP’s 2nd Anniversary

We will be having a VERY casual celebration of the JFP 2 year anniversary on Tuesday, May 29th! If anyone would like to stop by, eat some White Rabbit Bakery cake, and mingle, we would LOVE that. Anytime between 4-7, and feel free to stick around. 🙂