MTI Dental Van . . . coming this October!


The Jubilee Food Pantry is once again partnering with the Medical Teams International (MTI) dental van.  The dental van provides free dental care for patients who are in need of dental procedures and are economically in need.

When: Friday, October 10th

Where: Zion Mennonite Church, 6124 S. Whiskey Hill Rd., Hubbard, OR

Interviews will take place at the Jubilee Food Pantry between 4-7pm on Tuesday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 30th.   No appointment for an interview is necessary.  Patients will be chosen on a “need” basis.  Below is how patients will be prioritized:

  1. Those with known infection (been to a doctor for pain or swelling, have taken antibiotics for a tooth/teeth) an acute toothache, or swelling.
  2. Very sensitive teeth to cold sweets, even sensitive to hot foods. Pain with chewing action.
  3. Somewhat sensitive tooth to cold and sweets, or obvious decay.
  4. No pain now or in the past, but obvious decay.


The MTI dental van primarily deals with the above dental issues.  If you are in need of a basic cleaning, both Chemeketa Community College and Portland Community College offer inexpensive teeth cleaning at their dental hygiene training schools.

Chemeketa Community College – 503-584-7101

Portland Community College – 503-977-4909

If you need more information, please feel free to call:

(English) Andy – 503-819-5941

(Spanish) Raul – 503-989-9036


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