Jubilee Food Pantry 5-Year Anniversary Celebration!

“We can’t love God unless we love each other. And to love we must know each other. We know Him in the breaking of bread and we know each other in the breaking of bread. And we are not alone anymore.” ~ Dorothy Day


I shared the above quote from Dorothy Day a few weeks back at the JFP 5-Year anniversary celebration.  The truth of the importance of breaking bread together cannot be understated.  Jesus understood the importance when he broke bread with His disciples.  When we eat together, we are not along.  It was an absolute blessing to spend time celebrating with many folks who have participated in the JFP the past five years.  It was a time filled with joy.

Through a discernment process with others and a lot of discussion and prayer, Serenity and I have decided to reduce the number of times we will be opening up the pantry each month.  Starting in June, the JFP will be open every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month.  This decision is centered much on the biblical concept of Sabbath.  Serenity and I, as well as our children, with the desire to continue pouring into others, need to be filled up ourselves.  Having the JFP open twice a month will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our community while also giving our family time to rest and refocus on the face of Jesus.  Please be in prayer with us as we transition into this new rhythm.  Here are some photos of our celebration:

_MG_1439 _MG_1445 _MG_1446 _MG_1453 _MG_1459 _MG_1463 _MG_1468 _MG_1473 _MG_1475 _MG_1489 _MG_1497 _MG_1500 _MG_1505 _MG_1517 _MG_1520 _MG_1530 _MG_1534 _MG_1549 _MG_1564 _MG_1573 _MG_1581 _MG_1615 _MG_1660 _MG_1685 _MG_1712 _MG_1717 _MG_1758 _MG_1807 _MG_1828 _MG_1895 _MG_1927 _MG_1953 _MG_1964 _MG_1982 _MG_1993 _MG_2051 _MG_2139 _MG_2156 _MG_2194 _MG_2202 _MG_2208 _MG_2226 _MG_2234 _MG_2246 _MG_2249 _MG_2257 _MG_2262 _MG_2272 _MG_2277 _MG_2284 _MG_2290 _MG_2311 _MG_2314 _MG_2323


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