Jubilee Community Garden Work Party

What a beautiful day for a work party!

We cleaned the garden up, weeded the raised beds and the pathways, set up the bean poles and tomato cages, and added 3.5 yards of soil blend.  There is something refreshing and renewing about planting a garden in the spring, digging in the soil, tilling the dirt until it turns a rich dark color, knowing that someday soon it will be producing something that tastes wonderful and fills our bellies.

We have 5 of the six plots filled, so there is still some room left if you are interested.  This year’s gardeners are: Armando and Norma, Reuben and Celina, Blanca, Annie and Mark and Serenity and I of course, with all of our children.  The garden was full of giggles and children digging in the dirt, a wonderful combination.  A total of 14 children tromped through the soil with shovels in hand, pulling weeds and tying up bean poles.  It is great to work with smiling children.  We even had a cat come by to see what the commotion was all about. A special thank you to Karen and Wendell for your hard work today as well!


Avery, Eva, Luci and Ally amazed at the amount of weeds that have already popped up this spring (the “Before” Shot)


The most beautiful gardener!


The Coulombe’s and Lopez’s + Fernando 🙂


Mark and Annie chatting with Serenity.


“The Boys” (Pancho, Fernando and Avery) finishing off the soil pile.


Serenity and Norma talkin’ bout onions.


Wendell and Reuben.


Norma and family.


Mark and Annie’s square foot gardening technique.


Luci getting in on the work.


Jubilee Community Garden 2014


The “After” Shot


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