The Jubilee Food Pantry in 5 minutes. . .


Turkey and Ham Drive

541454_593685967334342_1601568596_nLast year we gave away more than 50 turkeys and 50 hams.  Please sign up to help us do this again.  And, as always, let us know if you’d like to come and get to know your neighbors. . . we always enjoy company!

The Lopez’s.

The Lopez's.

This family is a huge blessing to the JFP. We are so happy to have them as our friends.

Lots of help

We have recently had a lot of visitors and volunteers helping us love on our neighbors.  Thanks to all.

1385990_593881100648162_1008973414_nJen (super translator extraordinaire)

482398_590915610944711_1891157594_nPastor Craig from Christ Lutheran

1450694_593878120648460_106422387_nPenny and Lisa

1452440_593879040648368_527817085_nMiddle Schoolers from Horizon Christian