Community Garden

God continues to amaze us in His timing and favor on the JFP.  In September, as many of you know, we went down to the Hubbard City Council meeting to propose a community garden.  The Lord basically told us, just go down and ask for some land.  So, that is what we did.  Our vision:

  • develop a plot on city parks land
  • partner with local businesses to secure donated building supplies
  • select six Hubbard families who attend the Jubilee Food Pantry to each tend an 8′ X 8′ garden plot
  • connect families or church members from the local churches to be “sponsors” of each plot to offset water costs to the city
  • 10% of the garden yield would go to feeding others in the community through the JFP
  • by April of 2011 begin planting

The city council seemed open to the idea and I was encouraged as I left the meeting.  Last week I heard from the city planner that the parks commission months ago had already developed and approved a proposal for a community garden and that the only missing piece was a community volunteer to organize and administrate the project.  Looking over the plan that they had laid out, it was exactly what we wanted in the Jubilee Community Garden!

So when I went back to the city council this month to hear their decision I felt at peace and confident that it was going to happen.  We met zero opposition, any obstacles (zoning, permits, etc.) were cleared and we have been given full responsibility and leadership for planning, developing and implementing the Jubilee Community Garden.  A large section probably about 75′ wide for an entire city block was set aside and they even approved the city to pay to have the garden irrigated to have a water spigot!

We are so excited for this opportunity to help build His Kingdom!  We both get goose bumps envisioning the entire city block eventually packed full of 8′ by 8′ raised garden beds with all kinds of people growing their own veggies to share with others.  This is the Jubilee!


A little boost

North Marion Fellowship took this Sunday as an opportunity to “be the church” and serve instead of gathering together for the regular meeting. I love this idea and give them props for stepping out and doing things a little different.

We were blessed to be a part of the service project!  They did a food drive for us and collected bags and bags of non-perishables from homes all over Hubbard and Aurora.  Andy and I were so encouraged by the response from our neighbors and community members.

It was great to receive a little boost for the pantry.  God has provided enough through the Body of Christ each week but every Tuesday leaves our shelves pretty bare.  We are thankful to all of our covenant congregations for their continued support in prayer, encouragement and regular food giving.  We cannot do this on our own!

Prayers and praises…

  • This Tuesday at 7:00pm, Andy will go to the city council meeting again.  Our community garden vision is first on the agenda!  Please pray for more favor from council members and God’s love to pour over Andy as he presents/answers questions again.
  • Relationships continue to be made and strengthened!  It makes me smile to drive around our town and wave to people we know and are learning to love.  And our picture collage has started to take a beautiful shape on our food pantry wall.  I love it!
  • Keep praying for our Spanish abilities.  In a strange way, our inability is a benefit to those who come to receive food because they get to give us something, by helping us speak their language- it seems to equal things out a bit.  But at the same time, we crave the ability to fluently speak and have deeper conversations.

Thank you again, North Marion Fellowship, for the food drive!  And, thank you all for your continued support, whether it is seen or unseen.  God is good and we continue to see the Kingdom growing, hearts changing, and eyes opening.