It’s time for Turkeys again!


Far Side by Gary Larson

All joking aside.  This is a difficult time for many in our community. Personally, in my own middle class abundance, my solution is to “solve” this problem with my affluence. Instead of filling this void with our wealth, we would challenge you to develop relationships with those in need and build relational bridges. Most of us would admit that what we seek during the holidays isn’t better gifts, but deeper relationships. That is what we strive for at the Jubilee Food Pantry, we want it to be a place that builds friendships with our neighbors and allows us to reconcile with one another across cultural lines moving towards solidarity with those who are struggling with the barrier of poverty.

During this time of year, many folks become inspired to be more involved in the lives of the poor. Our first response to these folks is always to challenge them to dive deeper into relationship with others on a regular basis: come help out at the pantry on Tuesday evenings (4pm-7pm). We would love your help, and it is always an encouragement to us when we have folks walking along side of us.

However, we also know that this is not possible for everyone, so we are asking folks who are not able to take that step but would like to help in another way to think about providing a turkey during Thanksgiving.

Last year we had 75 families show up for a Thanksgiving turkey, we hope to bless just s many this Thanksgiving as well.


Step One: contact either Serenity or Andy to sign up to provide a turkey (this is simply so we can anticipate the number of turkeys coming in and plan accordingly for storage, etc.).

Serenity- 503-803-7823 or
Andy – 503-819-5941 or
OR contact us via facebook: search Jubilee Food Pantry, “like” us and send us a message

Step Two: purchase a bird(s)

Step Three: Deliver the turkey during the window below. Since we do not have enough freezer space for 75 turkeys, we are asking that you deliver these to us the day before or the day of food pantry.

Monday, November 24th or Tuesday, November 25th (before 3:30pm)

Address: 2492 Baines Blvd, Hubbard, OR 97032


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