Guarding our Nothing

It has been a very long time since I have written anything longer than a Facebook post.  I feel silly about that, but it’s true.

I was reading my Richard Rohr devotional this morning that was speaking about a sidewalk in his area that the homeless hang out at.  Richard saw an early morning graffiti that had been written on the pavement in front of the homeless that said, “I watch how foolishly man guards his nothing-thereby keeping us out. Truly God is hated here.”  This speaks to me about the idea that God is in the low, the weak, the homeless, and the poor.  I have found this to be Truth.  The Truth hurts/convicts sometimes because it shines light on what we have chosen NOT to be.

I visit a friend of the food pantry who is 93 years old and can’t get here every Tuesday.  Last night, after pantry hours, I brought her some food and stayed for a few minutes to chat.  While I stood, visiting, my eyes took in the surroundings of her home.  Suddenly, I realized, I was standing with God.  He was there with me and my friend bringing His Kingdom as His Bride chose to love.  I am His Bride, the Church is His Bride. If I want to be prepared for my Bridegroom, I will learn to go to the places He loves and learn to love like He loves.  Isn’t this how He calls for us to live?  He prepares us for the Big Day by calling us to find Love in the hidden places.  We bring His Kingdom of Light to this world that is governed by the Dark One and all the while, we are being prepared for HIs Coming.

My imagination is so important in all of this because it is easy to hate God by guarding my nothing.  It feels scary and confusing to stand in the Dark when I don’t allow my imagination to be open to His Kingdom.  Having my mind ready to enter dark, lonely and potentially uncomfortable places will guard me from the temptation to keep those things out. Kingdom eyes bring light to the dark places.  Our imaginations can choose to see the ugly, dirty, distorted, unkempt people/places OR we can retrain/renew our imaginations (Romans 12:2) to see the beauty so that we can prove what the will of God is, that which is good, acceptable and perfect.

God invites us.  He has given us the most beautiful invitation, sealing it with His Holy Spirit which empowers and gives us the ability to transform our minds for His glory.  I love to talk and think on this because there is so much hope and possibility in it.  We have the invitation to love no matter if we do it right or not.  Jesus said that even a measly cup of water counts.  Even when that water is given with a shaking hand and readiness to run.  It means something.  It makes Him smile.

I want to receive His invitation for me and believe there is no catch to it, just freedom to enjoy His love and His Kingdom.  It’s free, it’s full and we have nothing to guard with Him guarding our hearts and minds.  We can be who we are without being afraid.

Let’s be fabulous lovers who can see and therefore bring His bright, shining Kingdom.


EDITED version of the update video

Just in case you didn’t have 13 minutes, here is a shortened 7 minute version.