Medical Teams International

P1070314We connected with Medical Teams International months ago and coordinated with their dental van ministry to park their RV in front of our house and serve the people of the food pantry.  We have been screening pantry guests who showed interest in getting work done the past few Tuesdays.  Many of our guests fit the requirements (low income, high dental need).  Dr. Horn and three of his dental technicians came and volunteered their expertise in the dental van for more than 5 hours this past Monday.  A total of 12 people were served, totaling nearly $4,000 worth of services rendered.  The MTI dental van works specifically with patients who need either teeth pulled, root canals or other high need procedures. This is something we would like to do bi-annually, but it will take some fundraising.  MTI asks for $700 each visit, so if you would like to donate to this cause, you could send a check to Andy or Serenity Coulombe and in the memo write “MTI Dental Van.”  Thanks again to all of you who support the little things we do from our home, and a special thank you to Raul and Megan Gomez for doing the screenings in Spanish and making the follow-up reminder phone calls.


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