Summer Wrap-up

We had a very busy summer this year!  Unfortunately in this attempt to capture the most exciting or interesting things in this post we may skip a few, so call us or stop by if you want the whole kaboodle. 🙂

The community garden has produced a large bounty this summer, including cabbage, broccoli, peas, cilantro, parsley, radishes, lettuce, onions, and presently squash, tomatoes, tomatillos, and red hot chilis!  And an unexpected bonus has been a large blackberry bush and hazelnut trees that hang onto the property.  Tuesday is our day assigned to the garden, so we water and pick as much as possible for the food pantry.  At this point in the summer, we only have a couple of other families maintaining and harvesting the garden.  Honestly, we have struggled a bit with knowing how to gain more interest in coming regularly to garden.  Andy and I, as well as a few others, have enjoyed working it and enjoying the fruits of our labor.  We figure the city has granted us with the use of this beautiful spot so we will keep the garden running as long as we can.  Please pray for more workers and more interest!

I had the privilege of bringing a whole bunch of friends from food pantry to Bauman Farm for their jam-making class.  We filled the room to capacity as Barb made a bunch of different berry jams and passed the bowls around so we could taste and see the yummy goodness.  Next time, we hope to have a Spanish translator with us!!!

Our family had a bunch of camping/get-aways planned for the summer which created two Tuesdays that we needed friends to run food pantry for us.  We are soooo thankful for Penny Mole, Lisa Hefner, Nikki Rodolph, Angela Haberstitch, Jay Burke, Pastor Craig, Celina Lopez and many others to keep it running as we rested and had some great family time.

We decided to have a celebration potluck picnic in August to hang out and spend more time with our community.  We set up tables under the shade at Barendse Park, just behind our house, and gathered together to eat good food, play water balloon games and tug-o-war, and relax.  It was lovely!  Thank you to all who joined us!  We plan to do this again next August.

And lastly, we would like to share about our hope for next summer.  Please pray with and for us as we would like to take our whole family to Mexico to go through an immersion program.  We desperately want to really get to know our Latino neighbor, know more about the culture, and give our family a chance to learn together.  Up until this point, God has been so graceful to create a foundation of trust and relationship with so many, through minimal communication and just deciding to keep showing up with a smile and a hug.  From here, we would like to go deeper, offering more of ourselves to Him.  This seems like the most practical and obvious next step!

Thank you so much for keeping up with us, praying for us, supporting us in many ways.  We cannot continue to increase His Kingdom without the WHOLE Body.  By the power of His Holy Spirit, we follow Jesus together, paving a way of peace, love, kindness, forgiveness and reconciliation.  Praise His Holy Name!


3 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see what God does in a big way with next summer, sister! LOVE YOU! and all you do and stand for in Jesus’ name!

  2. Hello my sister Serenity,
    Am so glad to to know what you guys are busy doing for God over there.Your love for God and his people is so amazing!!what a sweat and great heart you guys have!!

    You’ve even extended that love to us down here in Kenya (Africa)We really thank God for you and may the our good Lord reward you in a big way.

    All for Jesus.

  3. Love the update! Can I come with you guys next summer??!?! 😉 That is seriously so awesome. Love y’alls hearts.

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