Recently, God has directed my heart toward the translators of many of the people we are acquainted with.  The translators happen to be the children, some as young as 5.  Elders, moms, dads, aunts, and uncles rely on their children to understand what is being communicated to them; whether that is through teacher conferences, going to the store, coming to the food pantry, reading fliers or newsletters, and so many other daily activities.  Education has given these children the ability to empower their parents in the world around them.  And often, if our parents are empowered, this overflows on the children.

I have pondered how powerful this is and how often He gives the power to the small and meek.  Many of these children do not know the power that they have, they only know that this help is needed by their parents who love them.  And so, the relationship between elder and child then dictates the way the child will communicate and translate.  If there is love, the child will uphold and help the parent as well as he/she can.  If there is fear, the child will only do what they feel at any moment, leaving the adult unqualified and unjustified.

As Christians, followers of Jesus, we have been given the role as translator.  We are translators of His love.  How educated are we (in God’s love/His Gospel) and how is our relationship with our Father?  These two are deeply intertwined.  I am again in awe of the position He has given me in His Kingdom….and so, so thankful for His Holy Spirit to continue to teach me wisdom, kindness, gentleness, etc.

Pray with us for these children who hold an important position in their families.  We hope and pray that each of them discovers the Love of our Father King and His kingdom they are called to live in.


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