Giving thanks

As we enter warmer days, it always brings new life as we get the garden ready, sow seeds, and see our neighbors more regularly outside.  We are approaching our 2 year anniversary and it is encouraging to look back and see what God has done and exciting to hope and dream of what He has for us as we continue to enter in every day.

Here are just a few things we wanted to share about and ask you to join us in giving thanks for:

1) Friendship-  We have seen our home become not only a place to meet some of the needs of our community but also a place of friendship, fellowship and even refuge at times.  THIS alone is worth it.  We cannot tell you how honored we are that God has given us such a gift.  Our dream of becoming a demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God is becoming realized and so much more than we had imagined.

2) Finances are abundant-  We are regularly supported by our home church, Grace Chapel, our seven other covenant congregations, as well as MANY others who drop by our home with gifts as well as give regularly.  This is SO encouraging to us as we have been able to provide for our own family, keep the food pantry well-stocked, keep the community garden running, and do other maintenance projects.  At this point, we still receive anonymous donations, but want to communicate our thanks for your continued support.

3) Community development-  We had a “community leadership dinner” a few weeks back with a hope to invite and bring our friends/guests of the food pantry into leadership.  A couple of the ladies brought some amazing Mexican dishes to share as we ate together and then gathered in our living room to discuss.  Andy and I had our first moment of sharing why and how we started the food pantry as well as opened it up with community garden leadership ideas as well as a vision of a ride-share program.  It was a very encouraging moment while a couple of the high school students translated for the group.  Lots of head-nodding, talking, and even giving ideas.  Something happened in the spirit realm that has allowed for more trust and friendship to occur here.  Praise the Lord!  But as always in friendship, it is a one day at a time, being present and available for each other.

4)  Spiritual growth-  Learning to love our neighbor and love God is often a journey of trusting and loving God by trusting our neighbor.  Loving our neighbors is about being confident in God’s love for us enough to be vulnerable with others.  This gets messy and intimate and mixed up with our own junk.  We have come to a place where we do believe that our ultimate Heavenly goal here is to become friends with our “neighbors” and live out His Kingdom together here on earth until He comes.  This is what Jesus did, and so, this is what we do or what we hope to do.  It has broken down our agendas and asked us the question, “What is a friend?”.

Jesus said this, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  With Jesus as the perfect example as a friend and servant, we have our whole lives to discover this deep revelation over and over again.  And without Him, through His Holy Spirit, we cannot do this.

Please join us in giving thanks to Him who makes ALL things possible!

And pray for us as we enter the next year of community gardening and planning some fun events throughout the summer.


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  1. Woot!!! Knowing He’ll continue to be faithful!

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