Plant an extra row

One of the easiest (and fun) things you can do to help those in need is to plant an extra row of each type of vegetable you plant in your garden this spring and tithe that to a local food pantry.  If you have kids, it can be a real positive learning experience that is more tangible and meaningful than simply giving money, or even canned food, to ministries that reach the marginalized.  Giving up your time and energy to cultivate nourishment for folks connects you to others in your community in a much deeper way than simply giving financially.

Many folks living in poverty do not have access to land in order to grow their own produce.  Purchasing fresh produce at the grocery store in most cases is more expensive than buying canned food.  Fresh produce is better for you and, as we all know, tastes a whole lot better too.  So, if you can, plant an extra row for the Jubilee Food Pantry!


2 Responses

  1. Is that garden from this year? we haven’t had any sunshine for the ground to warm up?

  2. Yep, we have radishes, carrots, lettuce and peas coming up right now. Radishes might be ready sometime this week or next.

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