So little words….

This inability to fully communicate with many who come to our home has been hard, to say the least.  It is one of those “things” that we constantly run into.  However, we are seeing this as a benefit, not necessarily in this world but in the Kingdom.  Sometimes, more likely than not, He just wants us to shut up and smile.

When I am forced to do this, it is frustrating at first but then relieves me.  Even if I did have something so say, my lack of Spanish keeps me from it.  I am free to simply Love.  But that means I have to Trust that this Love is strong and powerful- and able.

There are so many things we would like to communicate to our guests through words and teaching (ha!) but I believe He really wants us to walk these things out instead, leading by example.  Maybe what He wants is for us to actually be His whole body.  I have found that I rely HEAVILY on my mouth to show love, when more often what He asks of us is to just act it out quietly.  I often find myself snickering at the thought of my flapping lips.

Throughout the Bible there are references to this idea….slow to speak (James 1:19), clanging cymbals and noisy gongs (1 Cor. 13), plain speech (Mt. 5:37), whispers (1 Kings 19:12), peace and quiet (Prov. 17:1).

Through this inability to communicate through words, God is blessing us with a gift.  He is using our hands, feet, faces, arms and family to speak Love over our guests.  It makes it impossible to say that I have anything to do with it other than making myself available.

He is showing us the power of His Love by helping us to release control.  Our faith in His ways are strengthening as we rely on very able Spirit that lives in us.  Praise Him!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you – I love this because I frequently worry that I won’t say something when I should. But really I have found that HE always speaks through me when something should be said.

  2. Oh thank goodness that His Love is more powerful than my lips!!!!

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