One day at a time

Honestly, there have been many times recently when I sit down and attempt to write a new post for the Jubilee Food Pantry. I often just sit here, staring, yet, the words have not come.  So I am going to try once again.

Tuesdays continue to roll by and God continues to show up.  A lot of the same activities happen.  Guests start coming at around 3-3:30, everyone crowds in our dining room and hallway while the kids filter into the living room and play or watch movies together.  We begin at 4:00 with prayer and thanksgiving, whether that be in Spanish or English, it depends on who is praying.  And then, one or sometimes two at a time, our guests take their turns walking through our garage with a volunteer to fill some bags with food.

Each Tuesday, we learn a little more Spanish, feel a little more comfortable, and settle into this idea of being community.  There is a happy feeling in the house and even a growing sense of family, I think.  Everyone has seemed more relaxed and confident in their place here and it makes us full of joy when we see guests step up and start helping out or giving us hugs when they walk through the entry.  Volunteers and guests are hard to define here, praise the Lord!  His Spirit has evened out the playing field and one of our guests has described it as “kind of like church”.  Little comments like that have encouraged us and given us a quiet confidence that this is what He wants.

Avery, Ally, Eva and Luci have also settled into this way of life.  Ally drew pictures for all the guests the other day, Avery is our little waiter who makes sure everyone has everything they need, Eva sweeps the garage and plays with the little girls who come with their parents and Luci is everyone’s baby (she’s got them all wrapped around her little finger).  I can finally take a deep breath and thank the Good Lord that the adjustment period is about over.  When my children are at peace, I am at peace.  I can now actively wait to see all that Jesus will do through my children and the people in our community.  Please pray for them with us.

Andy and I are learning more and more about what it means to work as a team, as One, unified in Christ.  There is much more to learn but there are moments when I have to shake my head in wonder at how much He has taught us over the last 4 years. We are so blessed to have each other and to have had such opportunities.

Tuesdays, most often than not, we end the day exhausted but satisfied.  It is a thrilling life to be involved in so many other lives- hands-on, touchable, prayable, emotional, real, dirty, and completely uncontrollable.  We’ve had days of feeling overwhelmed at the need or wondered if this is making any impact at all and then Jesus reminds us that this is what He has asked of us and that is all that matters.  We take it one day at a time and know in our hearts that we have many, many days ahead of us to keep loving on these special guests.

Please continue to pray with us, that God’s love would continue to ooze out all over the place here.  Pray that His Love would become more mighty in our family and His Spirit more able to move through our actions, behaviors, words and silence.  We thank Him for empty food shelves and packed food shelves.  We ask for His wisdom in relationships that have formed, that we would be bold, consistent, and always full of Love.

And we thank all of you who continue to lift us up to Jesus in your thoughts and prayers.  Know that you are always welcome here.  Please come and see what God is doing!


8 Responses

  1. This post made me teary. I love hearing about it all. Praise the Lord for your obedience! Thank you for sharing friend. Such an encouragement.

  2. These words were worth waiting for… I’m glad you chose THIS day to push through and allow the words to come! I love hearing about it all, like Katy. And so blessed to know and love you 🙂 though I so long in my heart for our broods to live next door to each other!

  3. Someday sister, I’m gonna be up there for one of those holy Tuesdays. Until then, I’m there in spirit!

  4. Serenity, thank you so much for sharing. We are blessed to help with your awesome family ministry. Hope your dinner was good on Tuesday.

  5. It is good to be a part of your prayer team. Thank you for keeping us updated on how the Lord is working in your family and ministry. I am praising God with you all. Way to go kids! I am so proud of the way you love and serve Jesus too. Love, CJL

  6. And this is why I love you and am continually encouraged by the Jesus wrapped in flesh that I see in you. You wear Him so well. Love – Shelly

  7. Blessed to here what God is doing, I am sure there will be many stories told in heaven. I can’t wait to here them 🙂

  8. That’s how it happens…one day you’re a bunch of strangers awkwardly wondering how the heck you wound up face to face. And then you look up one day and those strangers are your brothers and sisters, and you are one in the spirit of it all.

    Love it that one of your guests called it church…you don’t go to church, you live it!

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