More intimacy

Tomorrow will be our third Tuesday of having the Jubilee Food Pantry inside our home.  We kicked off this next step of intimacy during Thanksgiving week and invited all of our food pantry guests to come inside, have a meal, and wait in our warm home until it was their turn to gather food for their home.

Here are some pictures!

Our son, Avery, decided to make sure all the kids knew they also had a place in our home.  So sweet.

This next step of faith has been most challenging to me, as the woman of the house.  I had some fears of how this was going to affect the environment and peace of our family.  I wondered if this was a foolish idea, inviting a lot of people in consistently.  And ultimately, it made (at times, still makes) me feel vulnerable.  I am exposing our family’s private life.  This is not the “safe” thing to do.  But with my Father in Heaven on our side and in my heart, I have nothing to fear and everything to be thankful for.

Exposing the Truth of who you are allows the Light to shine.  If we keep Jesus at the center of our family and seek His Kingdom, we will experience many moments of vulnerability and exposing.  His Gospel is opening up and becoming more real to us as we keep pushing forward.  I have to believe that when our guests, friends and family come to our house, they are witnessing the Truth.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to be His vessels of Truth and Love.  I am constantly in awe of what He can do through this jar of clay.


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