You know what assuming does…..

When things don’t make sense, I tend to place inappropriate judgment.

There have been many moments God has proven me wrong. Not in the way you would think to prove me wrong, but in reminding me of His Truth. I may be right in my assumption, but wrong in my judgment. Often times, I judge out of my flesh, my imperfection, which then causes me to withhold the things of God.

There have been times when some have asked us, ‘Doesn’t it bother you when folks drive up to your house, step out of their Cadillac Escalade and then ask for food?’
To be honest with you, yes, it does bother me. It doesn’t feel or look right. And it doesn’t make sense. But I also know that often times, they go home to their small apartment that houses 10 people and their fridge is bare.

I could be right with all these things, I could be wrong. But Jesus has asked us to Love, no matter what and to share, no matter what. Not because of anything they have or haven’t done or anything I have or haven’t done but because of my love for Jesus and because of what I know that HE has done for me and them.

In my poverty, imperfection and sin, I am Redeemed. His blood covers me, His Spirit lives in me, and I am called Pure. When God looks at me, He sees His Son. And if I believe this, I have to believe that when people see me, they see Jesus. And if I announce my faith in Jesus, but withhold love (or food) from them because of the car they drive, I am a LIAR.

I believe that Jesus is The Unconditional, Lavish Lover and Giver. I know this personally. I know this and believe this so passionately and so intimately that I want others to know this. So, I choose to share and love freely. Often times this happens without any words (especially lately because I cannot fluently speak Spanish). I smile, hand them a bag of food, give them a cup of water, and sit with them.

So, when things don’t make sense, I encourage you to say, “I believe you, Jesus.” And then walk like He would.


2 Responses

  1. I understand how people driving a nice car can show up for free food. I have been in that very position myself. You lose your job, your car is paid for, and you drive up for food you need very much because you have precious little money to go to the store and buy it. It is embarrassing because you know what other people are thinking. But the need is there and it is legitimate. Often widows will have a car, or personal jewelry that looks expensive but has great sentimental value so they cannot bear to sell it. We cannot judge people by their clothes, their car, their jewelry, etc. You are right Andy. We must simply love and give. It is the Father’s job to sort things out, not ours. I applaud your attitude – keep it up. 🙂 Love in Christ, Anna

  2. Amen ‘n amen! Love is what is required and always will be. Thanks for being such loving people. I’m proud to know you!

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