If you build it they will come

We have had quite the past couple of weeks here at the Jubilee Food Pantry. Last week we had 22 families show up, 20 of them Spanish only speakers. Thankfully we had 2 translators here that were able to help us out. It is amazing how much deeper a connection is made when speaking a common language.

(a few of our guests loading up on canned foods)

(our loyal volunteer Lia handing out berries to Sophia and Teresa)

This week an even greater number of guests showed up. Over 200 people received food from 41 different families (quite a bit different from the 2 families that showed up for our grand opening). There is obviously a great need in the community.

We need your help in meeting this need. We are currently running extremely low on several items. Some of the most popular items are: canned fruit, Bisquick, boxed cereal, and dry beans, but we are short in a variety of items, please see the “needed items” list on the right.

(Lia with one of our youngest guests)

We could use more volunteers as well to help us sort and stock between 12-4pm on Tuesdays and from 4-8pm to help meet the needs of our guests. A new feature of our website is a volunteer calendar.  If you are interested in helping out, check out the calendar on the “volunteers” tab at the top of the page for open slots.

We know that the Lord is good and that He will provide. We also greatly covet your prayers, so please continue to lift not only our family up, but our guests as well.


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