a few things

I am going to do this the easy way and just number all the items that need to be updated. 🙂

  1. Our interview at Radio Movimiento was quite an experience!  We had an hour of live “air time” to answer questions and talk freely about the food pantry, why we do what we do, and even some about our travels around the States.  Andy did most of the talking (which I was fine with….working with a translator is hard!) and he did a fabulous job at explaining things.  Thank you PCUN for helping us get the Word out!  Thank you Hector and Mary for arranging this interview.  And thank you all for praying, God continues to pave the way.
  2. During our radio interview we were informed of a small, but very BIG mistake on our JFP brochure that was translated into Spanish!  If you have one, please know  that we DO NOT require identification or proof of residency to receive a bag of food!!!  We have corrected this already, and if you would like some new brochures, please let us know.
  3. Yesterday was our 3rd Tuesday that the food pantry has been opened!  More folks are hearing about us and trickling in, thanks to newspaper articles, KATU news, our covenant churches, radio broadcasts, friends, and brochures that have been mysteriously placed at laundromats, mini-marts,  and gas stations around the area.  We have stood in awe of how God has encouraged us with so much support and help.  Thank you to those who have volunteered their time, resources and gifts to this ministry; your efforts and availability has not gone unnoticed.

Strawberries and lettuce from Bauman Farm

Hector with junior high students (fronting canned foods)


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  1. Thanks for the Jesus Thumbs Up Eric – it’s greatly appreciated 🙂

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