Bauman Farms

Being a teacher has proved very beneficial when it comes to starting up the Jubilee Food Pantry.  Not only have we been able to share the Good News to the public school students I work with, but we have received numerous volunteer hours from the kids.  Many of my students have volunteered to translate on Tuesdays for the JFP as well (which is better than if they volunteered to translate for their mom and dad at parent teacher conferences)  Teenagers are sometimes the most willing to truly help and show enthusiasm while doing it.

Sarah Bauman, a student of mine way back in 2005, connected me with her family who own (you guessed it) Bauman Farms.  The Baumans are going to support the JFP by allowing us to glean from their fields the produce they can not sell as well as allowing us to take some produce that is left over from their store each weekend.  We are excited about this connection.  The Baumans seem like wonderful people and their farm is a staple for the Woodburn area.  It is very exciting to know that we are taking something that would simply go to waste and give it to people who are in need.  Our vision is to have so much fresh produce that we can simply tell our friends who come to the JFP, “take as much as you want.”


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